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Kitchen Duct Extraction Cleaning

ABM Deep Clean also specialise in duct extraction cleaning. We operate in line with standards set by HVCA TR19 regulations.

Kitchen canopies and ductwork carry a fire hazard within the kitchen area. In order to prevent this, regular cleaning is essential.

We can carry out an initial assessment on the canopy and ductwork to provide a recommendation on the frequency that this would require cleaning, and your quotation will be based on this specific requirement.

Access is gained through panels already situated in the system.

Universal Concentrate Degreaser is used to remove oils, fats and grease build up within the system.

Work comprises of the removal of all solid and liquid residue throughout the system, including the canopy and fan.

We carry all our COSHH documentation to every site for each chemical that is used, copies of which can be taken if required. Risk Assessments and Method Statements are also provided prior to any work being carried out.

Following any extraction and ductwork clean,  a report is issued which will advise of any areas that have access issues which would potentially remain a fire hazard, and advises where further access panels are required in order to reach these areas.